Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have been working on creating new craft projects for Halloween presents...sorry I can't be more specific as a recipient of those presents reads this blog!!! Anywho....I love making paper craft items, or as us scrapbookers say "Altered Projects"! I love reading magazines, looking at websites and seeing other people's work to give me inspiration. And I think that those people that I make gifts for generally enjoy them! The only drawback? The crick in my neck that is killing me right now from leaning over my table for a few hours last night!

What I'm wanting to know is...do you do any crafts, scrapbooking, altered projects? If so, would you share your ideas? Let me see? I promise to do the same (at least after I've mailed them off and they've opened them!).

Till then Happy October!



I hope that I get one!!!

Rachel Ann said...

LOL!!!! You just might! If you give me treats instead of tricks!