Sunday, October 14, 2007


My mom put some pictures from Mason's 4th birthday party up on her myspace page this week and I had to share a few with you! Mason turned 4 in August, and is my sister Shannon's youngest child. Dajia will be turning 3 in a week and is my sister Camille's little girl. So Dajia and Mason are first cousins...and they generally like playing with one another. However, the contrast between the two is least to me! Mason is fairly short for his age...go figure his Mom and Dad are both short! And Dajia is fairly tall for her age...go figure again, her Mom and Dad are tall! This picture of them walking away from playing croquet just struck me as kind of funny!

Mason got a four wheeler for his birthday...obviously seen in the photos! I was amazed that they let Mason (remember he is 4) drive Dajia around the themselves. Both my Mom and Camille said that he did very well and they had a lot of fun!

My favorite picture of ALL the pictures my Mom put up was this picture of Dajia running next to Mason. I feel like I should be hearing the music to Chariots of Fire or something like that! Or I should be hearing Jenny yelling, "Run Dajia Run!" LOL....I know, I know I have a weird warped sense of humor. People may not get why I find these pictures funny, but if you were to get to know both of these cousins you would understand!

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Nina said...

Wow a Fourwheeler! My kids would kill for one. Happy Birthday Mason!