Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Walk At The Beach

So I've been in Oceanside, CA for two months now and today was my first trip over to the ocean. I know, I first time to the beach since living here. What?

Well, let me tell you it almost wasn't worth the effort...I know it looks all pretty but...

1. I had to drive around until I found someplace that I could purchase something and get cash back so I could have money to park.

2. It was cold today because of the wind.

3. Going to the beach by yourself isn't exactly fun. I consider myself a pretty secure individual...I go to movies, out to dinner, shopping all by myself, but going to the beach and walking all by yourself? Kind of lonely and boring.

So...after getting my money for parking, I put in the ear buds for my Ipod and walked along the pier...watched a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of people fishing....makes me miss my Dad and our days of fishing when I was a kid. Then I spent a bit of time walking on the actual beach...wasn't intending on getting wet, but I was trying to get a picture of the water coming up to my feet and then WHAM, the waves hit and the bottom of my pants got soaked! LOL...that's what I get for trying to take pictures while in the water!

All in all, the beauty of the ocean is spectacular. It is hard to imagine miles and miles of open water (even though I've been out to sea on ships before) and that God can hold all the waters of the world in the palm of his hand.


Cagle Clan said...

Hi Rachel!!!
It sure does look BEAUTIFUL though! It's good to hear how things are going for you there. I have to tell you I almost spit out my dinner when I read that sign on your blog about the hokey pokey. That is TOO funny! I am gonna have to use that line! I wish I could buy that sign. :)

Rachel Ann said...

I LOVE that sign...I took a picture of it at Bubba Gump's at Universal Studios. I made it my wallpaper on my computer as well!

Hope you all are doing well!


Cute toenails! I miss you!

Marcie said...

Yay for the beach!!! I'll come walk on the beach w/ you any day!!