Monday, October 01, 2007

Tis the Season... be shopping! Today is October, many days does that leave us until Christmas? Well, I don't know the exact number of days, but I do know that there is shopping to be done for Halloween (yes, I buy gifts for Halloween!), Thanksgiving and a few birthdays thrown in between now and December 25th!!! So how do you do your shopping? In store..with all the crowds, the crying babies (sorry, I know some of you can't help the crying babies), the long lines, and the grumpy people. You do know that there are more productive ways of shopping for all those presents you are going to buy....the best way is to utilize online shopping coupons! For those of you who have young kids, or old kids with young hearts, you might want to use the Disney coupons for shopping (this link was made special for my Disney fanatic Marcie)! For those of you who have Fathers, Husbands, Brothers, Uncles, and Sons who are technological geeks you might want to use Best Buy coupons! I'm sure whatever coupon you chose to use you will have a much more pleasant shopping experience then standing in line for all your purchases!

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