Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Place

So, sometimes I feel like I am back in college...this would be attributed to the fact that my room kinda feels like a college dormitory! Although, I don't have another person in my actual room and it is a bit bigger than my dorm room at Northwest.

But I thought I'd give you a glimpse into my "crib"! LOL!!

Here is my you can see it is the blow up mattress...standard issue for those of you who are moving and don't have a real bed yet! Queen size from Walmart, about $50!

This here is my wonderful dresser, wardrobe, armoire.....whatever, it is where my clothes are laid to rest right now. Yep, that's right, I am living out of my suitcase!

Hey, when you move only with the belongings in your car, there isn't much room for a dresser!

This is my workstation, aka, computer can also see the top of my lamp next to it (which is sitting on the printer box)!

Also, notice the dorm look again above my table...all the cards I've been sent taped to the wall. Normally, if I had a house or an apartment or more free usage of the house I would have those on the counter in the kitchen or in the living room, but no...on the wall they go!

This is obviously my Entertainment Center! I've placed the TV on two boxes, so that it is at a higher elevation, so I can actually see the TV when laying in bed! It is actually quite a nice little is a TV/DVD combo that I got at Walmart for about $100. Marcie, I know that you are trying to eliminate Walmart from your diet, but they are cheap, and right now cheap is my budget!

Last, but not least, this is my closet. Notice that I've been resourceful and turned my shoe organizer into my underwear, bra, and bathroom essentials organizer. My towel hangs right next to it for easy access when I am getting ready for a shower! I personally think the garbage bag hanging off the ground makes a perfect touch! And it helps keep the ants out of stuff...YUCK! Seriously, we do have an ant problem and it drives me batty! Thankfully the ants I find in my room are sporadic, but the kitchen is another story!!!

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Marcie said...

we havent' totally elimated Wal*Mart from my diet! LOL! Trust me, that one is going to take awhile to overcome!
Your house looks nice!! (ok we only saw your room) Looks like its a newer home?
I like your bed! Looks comfy