Saturday, October 20, 2007

JaNay GIbson, Come On Down....

...You're the Next Contestant on the Price is Right!

That's right, JaNay got picked to be a contestant during the second taping we stayed for. I'm sure she is glad at this point that we wanted to stay!

She was actually the first name called for the second show! It is going to be funny watching the show on TV, because she really didn't want to go up at first, and it actually took a few moments for her to get out of her seat and head on down to Contestant Row!!!

So she got to contestant row, but everyone knows that you have to bid and win in order to get up on stage with Drew Carey...but she DID!! I think she was the third player up...she bid on 2 MP3 players and won! $495 was her bid. Then she had to play Barkers Bargain Mart...there were two items...a grandfather clock and a dirt bike...she had to chose which price (not actual retail price) was the better bargain of the two. She picked the Grandfather clock, and whaddya know...she WON! Sadly, she over spun on the wheel and didn't make it into the Showcase Showdown....but HEY! She was on the show and won something! This episode is supposed to air in January sometime....I will let you know when for sure so you can all watch it...because you know I'll be on there I am sitting by her!

Since we can't take pictures inside, I have none! These are of JaNay outside as she is calling Alex, her husband, with the good news. Funny thing? Alex has been praying lately for a motorcycle...I guess God answers prayers in funny ways sometimes!

So even though I didn't get chosen, I still had a lot of fun. I'm glad that someone from our group was chosen and that she won at least part of it! I'm thinking that I might have to go again someday! Holly, you can come down and go with me.

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