Monday, October 01, 2007


I finished my first term at Western Governor's University about a month ago...that felt good. My next term doesn't officially start until November, I have been really slacking off in reading school materials and such. I have also been putting off taking a pre-assessment for a MAJOR test I have to take in the next few months. I was told the the pre-assessment would take about 2.5 hours and cover LOTS of material.....ugh. I made the commitment to take the test either yesterday or at the latest I did....I just finished! It only took me 1.5 hours...not bad, even considering that I was taking notes at the same time for future studying. I also took the test with no pre-planning or studying. I wanted to see how much I have stored in my brain and what actually came out...I was a bit nervous. HOWEVER, my score was 72%....not too shabby...not the best, but darn good! So, I'm a bit less nervous about the major test, and may actually take it sooner than I was originally planning (I actually get to schedule the time and location). I also get to take the pre-assessment four more times if I so I will probably take it at least twice more. Yeah, this is making me so much better and so much closer to attaining my teaching goal.


Marcie said...

GOOOOoooooooo Rachel!!! (Throwback to cheerleader days!)
BTW, you need to update your blog online journal was deleted back in the day and is no good no'mo. BUT if you add my green blog I'd be very happy!

Rachel Ann said...

For you Marcie! Anything...especially if I can hear that cheerleader yell in person!! LOL!