Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wayne, Butterfly and Pin-Up Girl

Jordan went as Wayne from Saturday Night Live! The hair is really quite nasty. Funny how a person's mind thinks and remembers soon as I saw Jordan I knew he was Wayne!

Jordan didn't have to work too hard on his outfit....the shirt I hear is actually one of his own that he actually wears! Although I have to say that he owns quite an eclectic wardrobe of T-Shirts. Never a dull moment with Jordan.

I snapped this picture as he was doing the hair behind the ear pose and it struck me as funny...because he almost looks like he is stoned! He IS NOT though...just clicked the camera at the right time.

Madame Butterfly is Melissa...she had these fabulously long eyelashes on, which made it extremely difficult for her to see. I won't give you the full story, because I don't want to embarrass her...but if you know Melissa ask her about the garage door tonight!!!

This cute 40's (ish) pin-up girl is Kristina. She wasn't a part of Puyallup Foursquare and all of us moving down here; however, she is from Oregon and good friends with a P4 friend. She found out a bunch of us moved down here and hooked up with us. She is crazy fun....she is also in love with anything Shaka Khan!


Nina said...

I LOVE the costumes your friends picked! What great imaginations and creativity! But what did you dress up as? Post a pic if you have one :O)

Rachel Ann said...

I didn't dress up...just wore my "I love Drew" shirt from the Price is Right...I know, I know I was kind of lame this year!

Marcie said...

You didn't get dressed up????
Eh, neither did I...well ok thats a lie I did wear my Tigger Costume and I was warm & toasty all night! hehehe