Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life Changes

Some of you are aware that I haven't felt right about moving to San Diego; however, I wanted to be fully obedient to the voice of God and his leading in my life. Therefore, I moved down. I decided to give it six months; however, I feel as if I need to return home to WA sooner than that. So I am moving back the week before Thanksgiving.....YES MOM, I REALLY AM!!!

The main reason is that I have been given a great work opportunity making more money and getting health insurance (something that I have been lacking for at least five years!). So I have decided to take this opportunity and still continue working on schooling. Where is the job? Moses Lake, some of you who are familiar with me know the company and all it entails.

I feel great peace about this decision and feel like this was an open door of opportunity from God. I do not feel as if I am a failure, and that coming to California was a mistake. I say that because so many people set out on adventures and listen to the voice of God, yet when they get to their destination they turn around sometimes. I want you to know that sometimes God just wants to see if you are obedient and give you the opportunity to break ties that were keeping you from going forward. He had to take you out before you could go back and be an impact. That I believe is what God is doing with me. I severed work ties that needed to be broken, I did sever a few relationships that were unhealthy BUT I know he has great things in store for, schooling, relationships with friends and even possibly a husband :O!

All in all, I have enjoyed my three months down here. It just simply isn't the place for me! However, if you are ever in the Oceanside area, there is a GREAT church to come and visit...Mission...pastored by Shannon and Liz Kapp!



Nina said...

Not to sound selfish about your new path of travels, but I am very excited to get the chance to meet my new friend :O) Email me if there is anything you need help with...

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Oh Happy Day! I'am sooooo happy you are coming to live closer to home! Hopefully I will see you soon.