Saturday, October 20, 2007

Celebrity Alert

Ok, so I admit it....I like to keep an eye out for celebrities. Who knows who you are going to see, where you are going to see them and when you are going to see them. As we were in LA yesterday it seemed expected to maybe see one or two celebrities...well, we were really only expecting to see Drew Carey (we did), but we saw a few others as well....

While at the taping of The Price is Right, Drew Carey pointed out to everyone that Jessica Cauffiel was sitting in the audience. Who is this you ask? Remember Legally Blonde? She is one of girls who is friends with Reese Witherspoon's character. She is the one who has a lucky scrunchie! She has also played on The Drew Carey Show and various movies.

Then when we were hanging out waiting for the fashion show to start, Abby noticed some lady, pointed her out to us and said she thought it was an actress! I actually wasn't right there at that point so I couldn't tell them her name. So Abby and I decided to take a walk into the movie theater and pretend to look at movies and "decide" if we wanted to see one! We were of course waiting for this lady to turn around so we could get a good look at her. She turned around and I knew I recognized her but couldn't place a name...I guessed Farrah Fawcett! JaNay was sure her first name was who did I call (No, not Ghostbusters!) Susana! I asked her to start naming famous Dianes...turns out we saw Dyan Cannon!

Interesting tidbit about Dyan....she was born in Tacoma, WA (hello, WA? Weird), and she is a born-again Christian who leads famous bible studies all around Southern CA and revival meetings at the CBS station! Way to go Dyan. PLUS, she was married to Cary Grant and has a daughter by him (his one and only child)....she was something like 35 years his junior.....because when I heard that she was married to him, I thought no way because he is dead and was old, and she isn't that old! But true story...she was!

So, I thought that was cool enough to see those two women, but wait there were more! The fashion show advertised that there was going to be celebrity catwalkers....and there were, although I'm not the one who recognized them.

These two girls play on the Disney movie, Cheeta Girls and the other young lady is the daughter in the Dr. Doolittle movies.


Susana said...

Hi Rachel
You never mentioned you had seen Chanel and Aqua from the Cheeta Girls....let me tell you Mikki's reaction when I told her: AAAAAAAAH! OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!
They are her favorites! You have been touched by royalty in her book! An the other young girl you saw also did the voice of Penny Proud from the Proud Family on Disney...Why do I even know this stuff!

Rachel Ann said...

LOL...ya the only reason I even took a picture of them was for Liz's daughter Zoe. I guess I forgot, because I really don't know who they are!!!

I like that I am royalty!!! The reason you know this stuff is because we are going to be the next big winners on VH1's Pop Culture Trivia Show!!!