Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Ecards

I know that Christmas cards are supposed to reflect the reason for the season (that being JESUS), and cards that I send to family usually hold to that reverence. However, there are a few friends that I like to send irreverant cards to.....or should I say off-beat Christmas humor. Susana is the one person that I love to send these type of cards to (after so many years as friends she is one person that understands my humor!!!) You can find these funny ecards at There is a huge selection of funny, risque, off-color animated cards on this site. These are brand new just released cards that you can send to your friends this year. One cool thing this site has is a scheduler for your cards. Meaning, you can create your cards today and schedule them to send out at a specific time....this is good for me, as I am going to be gone this Christmas. So I can create cards today for all my friends and have them sent while I am on Christmas vacation, and not worry about getting back to the computer in time to send them! I love technology. Some of their top picks this Christmas are, "Snakes on a Sleigh" (a parody of the cult movie "Snakes on a Plane"---which the movie frightens me!), "A Visit from Bad Santa", "Rising Moon", "Fleas Navidad" and "A Christmas Pick-Me-Up" (featuring the top 5 elf pickup lines--maybe that's what I've been missing....instead of waiting for guys to hit on me I should be looking at the elves from the North Pole!). You can receive a free one-month trial membership, and if you decide to try it full-time it is only $13.99 for a yearly subscription. That is only the price of buying like 4 cards from the store, and this way you can send all you want.

So, branch out a little this Christmas and send a loved one (not one that will get offended) a funny Christmas ecard this season!


Brad said...

I'm a sucker for e-cards of all kinds. I found a funny one for the holidays that is great for anyone you know that is a tennis fan. Check out the tennis channel's 'Lord of the Strings'. Share the interactive card at

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