Monday, November 20, 2006

Tamale's 2nd Confessional

So a few weeks ago, I blogged about office confessionals! I featured Tamale from payperpost, and how she was kind of stressed out and that it was a office confessional that bordered on hysteria almost! Well, she is BACK! Is she still stressed out? Nope! You can totally tell within just a few seconds of the tape playing that she is more relaxed...this just by observing how she is dressed, how her posture is and more! I'm thinking that being in Las Vegas, for the payperpost wedding that recently took place, really helped her unstress. I imagine that Las Vegas can and will help anyone help stress out. What else might have made her happy? I'm thinking that the new HP digital camera that her boss left on her desk made her happy. Yes, they say it can help with taking pictures at work for work related projects; however, I'm sure she is going to have fun playing with her new toy. I know I would like to have a new digital camera (hint, hint for anyone shopping for Christmas)! Click here to see

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