Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Martial Arts Equipment

I myself don't take martial arts, although I know I should take a self defense class (Jess, will you tell me when John is teaching another course?). Therefore, I don't know a lot about martial arts equipment, but this site has great products that you can buy. For me, I am focusing on the self defense products where I can get the usual pepper spray. But I can also get tear gas and stun guns (do they really sell these to individuals such as me?) You can also buy handcuffs, which will come in handy when I go into my Wonder Woman routine and nab the bad guys!!!

No really, there is some great stuff on here. I am going to have to tell my friend Sarah about this site as her husband takes Kando (I know I spelled it wrong) weekly at the community center in Kent. He gets all dressed up and uses some kind of equipment. I also saw on here Medieval Weapons, which look awesome...especially if you are a collector of swords and weapons.

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