Thursday, November 30, 2006

Money Saving Advice

In addition to making money, I am always looking out for ways to save money. I figure why not take advice from those who have already learned these lessons or researched these avenues. Then in turn, I can pass along the information I learn to others I know! There is this site that gives you advice in regards to credit cards, loans, remortgages, bank accounts, and home insurance. Some I won't use (remortgages....since I don't own a home) but others are worth looking at! Are you interested in learning more about credit cards, and how to save money? They give you advice on getting out of debt as well as how to protect your credit rating and such.

The section on loans talks about loan insurance costs, the cost of existing loans, how to get a loan with bad credit and more. For those looking at mortgages check it out about fixed vs. discount and choosing the right mortgage. If you have a mortgage, more than likely you have or need home insurance. And all of us have bank accounts, but do we maximize how we use those checking and savings accounts? I hope this helps you with a bit of advice in your financial plans.

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