Monday, November 27, 2006

Free Car Classfieds

My poor Freddy (my Ford Explorer) is on his last tires, yes, sadly he is dying. This is a natural death due to old age and my lack of wanting to put money into him to fix him up. He does have over 195,000 miles on him. So I am waiting for him to draw his last breath, which would require me to buy another car. I am hoping to make it until Spring or even Summer...which would be much better for me....before I buy a new car. Once I do, I will definitely be checking out this site about New & Used Cars. I can look for new cars on this are provided along with all the details of the car. I am most interested in buying a Jeep....don't you think I would look good driving this cute Jeep in California? There is also a loan calculator to help me determine what my monthly payments will be...definitely will be keeping this site in mind over the next several months.

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