Monday, November 20, 2006

PPP Forums

I love being able to say what I think and be honest about it. Some would say that I am too honest at times; however, I would disagree with that. If you are going to be honest, then great. If you are going to hedge because you want to say something that is appealing to everyone, or make someone happy then you aren't being honest. Why do I bring this up? PPP (payperpost) has a great forum area where you can go and talk about whatever you want. You can gossip (although I am totally against gossip, so let's call it chatting about celebrities and the latest on-dit)! You can comment about blogs that payperpost has put up. You can agree or disagree with whatever people put up on the forum. Come check it out! I think I may head over and leave comments about how nice and relaxed the Tamale looks in her new confessional video! Or you can go over and tell them all how nice I am, and how much work I am putting into PPP!

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