Monday, January 08, 2007

Beach Cruisers

Isn't this cute! It is a beach cruiser, and I think I might like one. They remind of olden days and when things were a bit slower, and people actually rode bikes on vacations, along the beach and just for fun. Since my favorite color is blue, this is the one I would have to have if I were to buy one! And actually they are quite reasonably priced...this one is only $130 and is a 24" Urban Lady Beach Cruiser....ohhh la la! They have beach cruisers for, women, and children. They have classic beach cruisers, multi speed cruisers, and choppers. They are touted as lowrider bikes, which means (in my opinion) that they might actually be easier to ride than other bikes. I know lots of people who like to vacation along the beach (Marcie!!!) and these look like they would be fun to cruise along early in the morning or in the afternoon watching the sunset. They seem to be a lot sturdier too...which means I might actually stay on the cruiser instead of falling on my keister! :) Even though Christmas is past, these are great for those of us who are making New Year's goals to get in better shape through diet and exercise.

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