Monday, January 08, 2007

Hotel Reservations I love to travel? Do I travel alot? Well, yes I do. I love to travel all over the US and fact I am heading to SE Asia (Singapore and Thailand to be exact) in just a few weeks. Besides airfare, what is probably the biggest thing you have to worry about when traveling? Hotel reservations of course! Everyone knows you need to do this early in order to get good rates, but I admit it is frustrating to go from site to site looking for the best deal and hoping that a nice hotel pops up with a decent price. There is this great new site called convenient and easy to remember! Not only do they hook you up with great hotel reservations, but you can also look for vacation packages, flights and stop vacation shopping. Amazingly they are doing hotel reservations in over a ton of couuntries right now. You have to know that if you travel overseas booking hotels can be quite frustrating. You have a language barrier, you may not be familiar with the location and therefore not know what to book, there may not be websites to book on (and who wants to sit on a long distance phone call overseas), and you truly don't want to pay a travel agent to do something that you know you can do at home. Here's your has got you covered. And my favorite is that they have listings in Espana (Spain), Singapore (we usually stay at the YMCA, but someday I know I'm going to get to stay at The Raffles...a snazzy place), and Greece (where I plan on going for my 35th birthday in 2.5 years!!!). So come one, if you are traveling anywhere that requires a hotel stay...from Motel 8 to the Hilton...check this site out!

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