Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dentist Anyone?

I know that I so need to go to the dentist, as I've been having pain in some of my back teeth...I'm sure it is a cavity. Do you know any good dentists in your area? Well, if you live in the greater WA DC area, over in Virginia than you are in luck. Charles Brown DDS pc,one of the regions top dentists as listed by the Washington Area Consumer Council, is a dentist at the Hayfield Dental Care Clinic. He is available by calling 703-971-2220. Of course, I know all of you do research on the doctors you visit, but rest assured Dr. Brown has had zero complaints on his record at the Virginia Board of Dentistry. Pretty impressive seeing as he has worked for the Hayfield Clinic for 10 years...this seems like a man that can be trusted.

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