Thursday, January 11, 2007

Saving Money

As you know I am going to Thailand; consequently, I am missing work for a minimum of three weeks! During that time I'm obviously not working, but I still need to pay bills! does that work. Well, as like most of you, if you have a major trip, event, surgery, or just simple life expenses you have to save your money. How do you do that? I'm bad in that I don't save long term, but I save short term. Meaning I cram all I can into a short amount of time, and the rest of the time I don't save very well. I know, I know not very good. But when I am not saving I am putting all my money to paying off credit cards. I also have a new banking system where they round off my purchases on my debit card and put it into my current savings account. There are many of you that take out secured loans to pay off debt in order to save money, there are those of you who take on extra mortgages, and some who rely on other methods. No matter how you save your money, you need to save it!! The links above are to a site that can help you start saving money, and help you with home insurance. Start saving people!!

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