Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MySpace Monitoring

We've all heard all there is about myspace and how it is the latest rage amongst teenagers, and unfotunately a place where adults go prowling around for teenagers. I do believe that Myspace can actually be a fun place to reach friends, and I also believe that parents have every right to monitor what is going on with their children's myspace accounts. There is this great monitoring software that parents can use in connection with their children's myspace login and account, it is called Spectra Pro monitoring software. Normally, I wouldn't be one who is so adamant about checking on your child's things; however, I have one niece who is going through some very difficult stages right now and isn't allowed on myspace at all....this would come in handy with her now and when she is allowed back on!

This post sponsored by Spectra Pro monitoring software

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