Saturday, January 20, 2007

MC Intensive

Yesterday we took our MC students on an intensive...that is an all day event that teaches them some type of lesson. This intensive is our team building one....we do it just before we go on our mission's trip so that they definitely know the importance of being a team...especially when in a foreign country together. So our intensive is basically an mini version of The Amazing Race...Puyallup Foursquare Style!! We call it "Lost in Washington". They start at 6am and have 18 hours to go through 18 different checkpoints, and ever checkpoint has some type of physical or mental task to complete. They had to kayak, find statues at the legislative building in Olympia (this was actually harder than it sounds), find clues in a fountain and perform tasks, ice block, jump from raft to raft at American Lake (Yes, this event is freezing cold...especially in January), eat dinner Fear Factor Style, and eventually find their way back to the church after being dropped off some eight miles (give or take a few miles) away.

The object is to unite together as a team, and a family. Recognize strengths in others and utilize them. And beat the previous years' times! Did they? They did!!! Congratulations. I don't have any pictures, but when I get some I'll post some.


Potts Family 5 said...

Rachel - That sounds like fun! How creative! I'm sure they had a great time.

Marcie said...

Oh yes & did you hear about how one of the MC GIRL students called D @ 3am????
Oh he was up & I was none to happy because I realized someone tipped him off.
He came up with the lame excuse of being thirsty! Yeah, whatever!?

I know he confessed to you about it, but you know. Next year (if there is a next year) we are so confiscating those cell phones!!!!