Saturday, January 06, 2007


One of the great things about being a part of ppp is all the great blogs I get to read. One of the greates PPP writers is Colleen and she has this great blog in which she shares the best (and yes, the worst) shopping deals on the web! Gotta love that...saving time for all of us.

I'm glad I looked through her site as she blogged about the Victoria Secret's Semi Annual Sale. Now I don't shop there for bras and panties, but I like to know when the sale is so I can get new body fragrances at 3 for $10...what a I guess I need to head to the mall tomorrow. I don't know if this deal at Victoria Secret is still going, but she used this Victoria Secret Pajama Deal and got over a $100 worth of stuff for like $43.00 and that included free pajamas and slippers...I think I need to stay up on these deals! WOW!

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