Saturday, January 06, 2007

Way to go SEAHAWKS

Way to go Seahawks! We just beat the Dallas Cowboys by one point. Unfortunately, Tony Romo of the Cowboys is kicking himself all the way to the locker room. Due to a fumble by him, the Cowboys missed a field goal and therefore missed getting ahead of the Hawks. And the Hawks managed to keep their one point lead the rest of the minute and 14 seconds that was on the clock.

Wooo---Hooo...we're moving on. Watch out everyone, the Seahawks are going for the Superbowl again...and this time we plan on winning!

A big part of Seattle's wins has to be credited to the awesome fans! Yes, we are the 12th man and proud of it. This is the new 12th man flag flying high and proud from the top of the Seattle Space Needle!

We're here for you cheering you on to Superbowl Victory!

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