Friday, January 12, 2007

Payperpost Love

Just a little ppp (payperpost) statistics for you folks...and some encouragement to get started on blogging for money!

rachelannmac (that's me)
Posts Taken:143
Posts Approved:137
Posts Rejected:0

Have Been Paid: $565.91 (yes, I've really received all this money in my paypal account! I just started in October)
Will Be Paid: $359.37 (this is how much will be paid to me over the next 30 days)

If you add those two numbers together you get (drumroll please....) $925.28....that's right almost a $1000 made since October! It's easy...I only do two blog posts a day in between my other posts and it makes me money! So if you visit and sign up use me as a reference:

Yeah for me!

This is NOT a sponsored post, just me showing love!

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Chris and Jenni said...

Hey, that's fun I didn't know you did PPP :) We've made I think about $250 with them so far or more and I enjoy getting the money but I've been a little discouraged by the options for posts lately, I don't like posting about the same thing all the time and it seems like the good stuff goes quickly in the morning and I don't have time to do them usually until nap time :) Oh well, I do one every now and then when I find something interesting to post about. But way to go, I think it's great that you've made that much through PPP!