Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow Again and Again

Wow! Another day in Western Washington where schools are closed, roads are icy, and people are grumbling (that would be me) while the kids are shouting with glee....yep it is another SNOW DAY. We were watching the news last night, and for the past few days, and all they've been saying is snow, snow, snow. I truly didn't believe that it would snow again, and that schools would be closed again!

Normally, I wouldn't be so agitated...but I got a call to go into work this morning...and it was great because it was a two hour late start day (but I would've gotten paid for the whole day), then I was waking up to actually go in I got a call that school was cancelled. Yuck, there goes a good chunk of change. I like days, I really do, but I haven't worked for a few weeks because of Christmas break and I have no regular source of income coming in...I really needed todays pay. Oh well, God knows that He will provide for me...of that I have no worries!

So for all of you who didn't have to go to work or used the snow as an excuse not to go to work...HAVE FUN!

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Marcie said...

and again with all this snow--its doubtful there will be school tomorrow either. Sorry!!
We'll be praying for the money to come in so you can get on this mission trip!