Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snowball Fight


Wet snowballs, snow forts that keep you protected, a good throwing arm, a whole passle of people to play...what do you need all these things for? A SNOWBALL FIGHT of course!!

No, I did not go outside and have a snowball fight with anyone today! Although when I drove to the church today I saw lots of snowmen sitting out in front yards looking out over the traffic keeping an eye on all those people who think speeding on snow and ice is ok...but I digress! I'm sure that there were hundreds of kids and adults (who act like kids) out in the greater Pacific Northwest having a blast throwing snowballs at one another! Now you can have a snowball fight online, in a totally cool interactive internet game., a company who sells blank dvds, video tape, disc media and more has created an online snowball fight game! Whoo--hoo! The characters that you get to hit (don't you love creaming someone with a big 'ol snowball right in the face!) are all Tapeonline employees. They have the top forty scores, the top twenty recent scores AND the top twenty employee scores. Hmmm, what are these Tapeonline employees doing while they are supposed to be working?? I guess everyone needs to take a break once in awhile. So if you live around the Seattle, but don't want to have a real snowball fight in the snow come inside with a cup of cocoa and enjoy a fight while staying warm. And for those of you wishing that you had snow, here is your chance to enjoy a bit of the white stuff!

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