Monday, January 01, 2007

Diet and Exercise

I'm not one to make New Year Resolutions, seeing as they tend to get broken. However, I do realize the necessity of making my life healthier. One thing I tried doing last year, and did stick with it for quite awhile is exercise. I did quite well at they gym doing water aerobics and step aerobic classes. I want to live a healthier lifestyle that enables me to live a better life. Some of my passions in life would be so much better if I was healthier, leaner and more active. I LOVE to travel; however, it is hard to do when your weight is an issue. The plane ride is hard, the walking around is hard, and sometimes the playing and fun time is hard. I am still young and able to get healthy. So this year I am committing to getting healthy. Besides exercise, I am going to cut out sugars in the form of pop and sugar in my coffee! Oh boy, that is going to be hard. It is strict dieting that I am going for, but simply a healthier lifestyle! This website dedicated to fitness gives 10 great tips to starting a fitness program in 2007, and having personal training....and I am going to try and work it into my lifestyle. I am a busy person, but not busy enough to undertake this....I simply get lazy and unmotivated....which is going to stop now! Let's get healthy together in 2007!

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Cagle Clan said...

You go girl!!!!! You CAN do this! There is nothing like feeling healthy, strong and just good in your skin! I'm hear for ya if you need anything...any tips, support, whatever.. you know I have cut out sugar, high fat and white carbs for almost 2 years now...but I still have lattes, pasta, bread, chips, even pizza! And I am a big believer in cheat days!!! One a week is what I do, then I find it very easy to stay on track the other 6 because I don't feel deprived. You can't be hungry all the time and feel deprived..that will never work.
Food really is like 95% of this battle....exercise is great and important but food is the major my experience. My weight doesn't change at all really weather I'm going to the gym or not. What the gym does tho is make me fit, healthy and toned.
I'm here for ya sista! You can do it!