Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Orlando Bound

I just went to Disneyland on Saturday, and I loved it; however, I love Disneyworld so much better. Orlando has so much to offer visitors, and I love playing the typical tourist! Last time we were there we stayed in Destin, but stayed a whole week in Orlando a few years ago. The Orlando Florida Hotels are nice and they are close to all the action. Not only is there Disney, but there is Universal Studios and Island of Adventure (which is a total blast), there is also tons of golfing. You might think that the theme parks are all the same, but every time I go down or friends go down there are new rides. YES, Disney does add new rides to the park....check out Astro Blaster....shoot up the galaxy with Buzz Lightyear!!!! Besides all this? My favorite----THE BEACH...easy and close to your hotel!

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