Saturday, January 27, 2007

Boston Condos

Sometimes I think that owning a condo would be so much easier than owning a house. Mainly because there is no yard upkeep. Now keep in mind I don't have children yet, and a condo is perfect for a single person or a married couple with no children. I have not yet visited Boston, but is definitely on my road trip must visit cities. And I think living in a condo in Boston would be spectacular!!! But how do I, living in Seattle, find great Boston condos? I go to this site: where they have realtors, owners and developers listing condos for sale daily. A potential buyer can then go through all the listings, pick out the ones they like and then contact the seller directly. No middleman! And we all breathed a sigh of thankfulness, because we all know the middleman takes way too much money, time and energy! It's simple and way so easy. Go on, take a look around see if there is something that you like and then contact the seller directly. It will be more efficient for you, less time consuming and less draining on your emotions and pocketbook! Are you one of those people who are looking to live in luxury high rise condo? Well, can help you out there they have "building specialists" who deal with those condos specifically.

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