Thursday, January 18, 2007

Event Planning

I love planning events...from conferences, to retreats, to simple day outings....from 5 people, 100 people or 13,000 people (yes, I helped with an event that big!). Of course, events take lots of work the day of; however, there is so much work that goes into a project before the event even takes place. There is planning, there is booking spots, there is getting money, sponsors, etc, etc. Then there is the paper trail that follows you around like a little lost puppy. The most important set of papers is probably the event need to know who is coming and who has paid their money!!! Wow, there is a site that helps with event planning, and even does event registration forms for you online! It's simple for you, it's simple for you event goers and that makes everyone happy. How much easier is it do all your registration online then on paper? I've spent hours re-typing names into a database, and then re-sorting them and then re-sorting them again. This site is bound to save my hours of time and headaches. If you do any event planning for church, schools, cubscouts, girlscouts or any other group then this is the site to help you out.

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Thanks for blogging about us Rachel Ann! I just wanted to point out that we do offer an affiliate program in case you ever have an event planning client who could use online registration.

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