Monday, January 22, 2007


I know I usually pump out 3-5 posts a day...since I do blog for payperpost; however, I have been super busy! I've been working at school, working at church, doing MC events, and trying to get ready to leave the country in 13 days! Yikes....13 days. I'm not ready! I need to get all my clothes out and start packing to make sure I have everything. I need to go shopping to get new socks, sports bras and undies! On top of all this, my sister and I are still planning a trip to Eastern WA....we were going to go yesterday and today; however, I needed to work and Dajia has been sick. In fact, if you think about it, please pray a prayer on Wednesday for her. She is going in for surgery to have her adenoids taken out and tubes put in her ears, and fluid behind her ears drained....and she is just 2! The doctors say that she will be raring to go within two days and feeling tons that should make for a better car ride to Eastern WA!!!

I hope all of you haven't been as busy as me!

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