Sunday, January 14, 2007

Road Trip

My best friend Susana and I have talked about taking a road trip someday from Seattle to Georgia (or vice versa). On this trip we want to hit all the tourist attractions that you can find! The oddball ones, the sane ones, cemeteries (yes, this is a favorite place of ours), you name it we'll visit it. And one thing that I do when we are on vacation is play a few dollars in the casino! I never win, but it is fun all the same. So I was thinking we could combine both of and casinos and hit the Biloxi Casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi! They've done a lot of rebuilding in Biloxi since Katrina and they are looking to rebuild tourism.

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Susana said...

Hi Rachel,
Did you know I've actually been to Biloxi...long time ago when I was still in high school (yes, high school seems a looong time ago to me!)But it was before there were casinos...ready to go back any time!

Rachel Ann said...

But of course, you know me and slot machines!! I was telling someone last night how to let me in the casinos on our cruises and waste all my money! :)

Let's plan our road trip...we've talked about it for years now! Although it might have to go from San Diego to North Carolina.