Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow and Driving

I just talked to my sister. She lives in Issaquah, up on the plateau and she works in Bellevue. She left work at 4:30 this afternoon, and is still at least a half mile just from the exit she takes off the freeway to her house!! She still has to navigate off the freeway, onto Front Street and then pray that the HUGE (and I mean HUGE) hill is driveable. If she can't get her car up the hill, her only choice is to walk up it! Please pray if you are reading this tonight. Then she has to walk quite a bit more (probably a couple of miles in all) before it is safe enough for her husband to come get her (the have a 2 year old that has to come with him as well). This is way too out of control. I pray that everyone out there is driving safe and arrives home safely!

Sidenote: My sister arrived home safely at 11:45pm...over 7 hours after she left work tonight! I pray that the rest of the drivers out there get home safely!

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