Monday, August 27, 2007

2nd Interview

So I had a second interview today with Marriott, and it was a group interview. You know I really don't like group interviews. Anyways, we introduced ourselves, worked in partners to sell a Marriott Ball point pen and played the "Guess which name is on my back game"! UGH! I get why they have us do this...they want to see how we interact with other individuals, as these are the people who will be making up a brand new team for this hotel. However, I still don't like them. There were about twelve of us in the group, and I was part of the six that was told, "We aren't saying No, but we aren't quite sure yet!" She said that they had more specific questions for some of us and were trying to figure out where the best fit would be for everyone. Needless to say I didn't walk away with the greatest feeling in the world about this interview. However, as I was driving home I simply prayed, "Whatever your will for my life God. I will be ok with a closed door just as I will be ok with an open door." My checkbook is screaming for an open door somewhere; however, where does that get a person? No where!!! You have got to life your life in FAITH that God is doing the right thing. Maybe Marriott isn't right for me. Maybe it is and God is just wanting to test my faith a bit more! One way or the other I will find a job that is right.....I'm just praying that it is sooner rather than later!

PS....I'm still waiting to hear back from the Scrapbook store as well. That interview sounded so much more promising with the exception of the pay....but then again....GOD knows!!!



hang in there Rachel, you are right, God knows best! I hate group interviews too. Lave ya, Holly

Marcie said...

Ok so I was totally laughing picturing you trying to be "happy" about doing all those silly icebreaker games!
I'm mean I know..
But in all seriousness I do hope that sometime comes up and comes us SOON!!
It sounds like in your heart of hearts you would much rather do the scrapbook thing and we both know God knows what you really want.
Either way, we'll keep praying for ya!