Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fun Blog to Visit

I, of course, like to roam through the internet...more specifically I like to roam through people's blogs. It is fascinating to read through the thoughts of a person and what makes that person tick! Some blogs are obviously WRONG, and some are in foreign languages (of course, I skip those!) but some blogs are actually worth looking through and reading. One blog that fits that description is Karl's blog by Karl Moore! He is funny and inspirational...making you think when you read some of his blog entries. He gives his readers a Random Act of Kindness encouragement....meaning he gives you an idea for a RAK and you go do it!! He also gives out random bits of trivia and information during his Friday Factoid posts! Hello....I love random trivia!!! Here is a bit he gave: "Based on the actual battles mentioned, it's calculated that gentle Melanie's pregnancy actually took 21 months -- as opposed the slightly more traditional nine." Hmmm...I might need to research that or use it as a fun fact in my social studies classes!!! So if you are looking for a nice clean blog to read that will encourage you and give you something to laugh about, check Karl's blog out!

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