Monday, August 27, 2007

Christmas Shopping

"What!" I can hear all the frantic screams from everywhere here in CA!!! Yes, Christmas shopping! I know, I is only August, not even the end of summer yet and I am talking about Christmas shopping. I'll have you know that I've already bought Christmas gifts for some of my family!!! I try to buy gifts from August thru December so I don't have to spend all my money at once!!! However, like any girl with a nose for deals....I like to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.....known as "Black Friday"! You can get some killer deals on those days....especially at Walmart! So the only downfall to Black Friday shopping is that you have to get up at like 3am and be in line by like 4am in order to rush into the stores frantically....and you MUST know what that particular store has on sale--but those circular ads don't come until Thanksgiving day or the day before--and who really wants to check out ads during Thanksgiving Day??. No use going to the store and just browsing...come on people this is a major shopping day!!!! And not going until after 10am? Might as well forget it!!! Now wouldn't it be nice if you could see all those ads before the came out in the paper? Well, now you can!!! There is a site that gives you updates on all the sales that are going to happen on Black Friday! Cyber Monday allows you to find what is on sale, where and if you can purchase it online or not--so you don't have to stand in all those pesky lines!!!! The site already has ads up for retailers right now (yes, it still is only August, but they know what they are going to be selling!!!)...I have Walmart linked above....$3.44 DVDs, TVS, Games, etc....and Target is going to have a digital camcorder for $98....maybe, just maybe, I'll buy myself an early Christmas
present...hmmmm. Really, if you want to hit all the sales on Black Friday but either have to work, or don't like getting up early, or don't like lines....then shop online using the information off this site. Or if you are a crazy shopper use the information to locate everything that you want to buy that day and go out with a strategy!!!

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