Saturday, August 25, 2007

Update on Life

So, I have been here in Oceanside, CA, for just about two weeks. Let me tell has probably been two of the most boring weeks I have ever endured. Yes, it is a new place with new things to explore...and I have done that to some extent. However, I think I lost my vim and vigor for going to new places by myself. It is one thing to go and do things all the time by yourself when you are familiar with the area and such...and your friends are just plain busy. It is another thing to go do things by yourself because there is NO ONE to go do anything with!!! I have been spending lots of time at Barnes & Noble drinking coffee and reading books....I have to say KUDOS to B&N for supplying nice chairs to sit in while you read their books.

Plus, it is driving me crazy not having a job....I've been searching and I've actually had a couple of I feel like I will have a job in a matter of weeks (if not sooner). I had an interview at Starbucks on Monday...went well, but the pay is crappy. The benefits are great, but still I have to pay bills!!! On Wednesday I had an interview with Marriott Hotels....they are opening a brand new hotel here in Oceanside....and I have a 2nd interview with them on Monday. It is for the front desk person, pay isn't great but it will pay most of my bills, plus they also have some great benefits. You know it would be nice to visit a doctor every once in awhile, but alas, I don't have insurance so I tend to leave the medical office alone! Then last night I had an interview at a Scrapbook store!! A scrapbook store, can you believe it? kind of place to work!!! They don't pay a whole lot either, but you get discounts and it is just a great I am very comfortable with. The store is hiring full-time and part-time, so I asked if I got a full-time job elsewhere if it was possible to pick up some part-time hours at the scrap store....she said sure. I talked with the lady who interviewed me last night for almost an hour.....she is a scrapper, a teacher and a Christian...sound familiar?!!! They of course are interviewing others, but I felt good about it......So hopefully by the middle of next week I should know about a job or jobs!!!! Maybe that will make me feel a bit more connected here to Oceanside!

Church is good....more people are coming down, and I think September will bring a large increase of Washingtonians to Oceanside. We meet on Wednesdays and Sundays while Shannon teaches us about the church vision, cell groups and how it is all going to work. And as I sit here and tell you about this at 12:37pm, I just realized I was supposed to be at their house at 8am this morning to review some make up lessons! CRAP!!!! Oh well, life goes on!

School is well, I have a few more assignments to finish for my last class of the term and then I don't start classes again until November 1st. I'll spend time between now and then reading text books and working on work that I know is coming up. I am doing really well, and my mentor is surprised about how quickly I am getting things done. Little does she know, I'm not even going at a fast pace....if I was going quickly I'd really be getting things done!!! Thankfully I have been given an amazing aptitude for school and so it really does come fairly easy! I'm actually scared for when I have to take my State Endorsement test (a social studies test) and when I have to Student Teach...even though I have been subbing for a few years, I will finally be responsible for lesson plans, creating homework and tests, grading all that homework and tests and actually responsible for my students learning new information!!! AHHHHH...what have I gotten myself into? No, seriously, even though I'm nervous I"m totally excited to be in reach of a real career.

So that's it in a life right now in Oceanside, CA!!!

PS...My birthday is in a few weeks...just in case you miss the big birthday count down on the side bar! I'm a HUGE fan of birthdays and I'm a little sad that I probably won't have the kind of birthday that I am used to back home with all my friends and family! Oh well....I guess that at some point in time, birthdays need to take a back seat!

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