Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Many of us support charities in some form or fact the majority of my friends support more than one charity. We support charities because of the work they do, the people they touch and more importantly because a charity supports something that has touched our lives in some way. I personally have not had a close family member succumb to the trials and tribulations of Alzheimers; however, I have worked with people whose parents and grandparents suffer from Alzheimers. This is a disease that is so life altering for an entire family, that at times a person isn't sure what exactly happened. The person suffering from Alzheimers, do they understand everything happening to them? Probably not, and we as observers don't understand everything either. However, doctors are constantly striving to figure out how Alzheimers works and how it effects the men and women who have this disease. Even though I don't personally have a loved one suffering, I know that this charity is definitely one I want to support throughout my life. Besides simply donating money to the charity, men and women can participate in the Alzheimers memory walk for charity. This event is one of the largest events to raise awareness and funds for this disease. To date they have raised over $225 million dollars to support Alzheimers.....$225 million!!!! What can you do help this charity? You can become a Team Captain for the Memory Walk!!! As a team captain you help recruit members for the walk and funds for the charity!!! You can make a big difference in the lives of men and women who have this disease, and they men and women who help these people.

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