Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Owen Wilson

OMG.....I was reading the news over at Komoradio.com (it is the local online paper for Seattle!), and yesterday they had an article about Owen Wilson being in the hospital and that he was recovering...but didn't give the reason for his being in the hospital. However, today's article stated that the paramedics were there for an attempted suicide call. IF IT IS TRUE...how sad that someone who seemingly has everything...money, fame, girls, etc, etc.....would attempt to end his life. It goes to show that everyone...music stars, actors, politicians and your next door neighbor ALL need JESUS! It is a hard thing to think that famous people need to be given the message of salvation...some of us place people of that magnitude on a higher level thinking we will never talk to them. Well, someone has got to do it!!! I'm not saying that I am in a position to talk to all these people either, but if we were, would we? Hmmmm......can we even talk to the "normal" people around us! Just thought I'd give you something to think on!


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