Sunday, December 24, 2006

2006 Photograph of the Year

Get out your best photos that you've taken this year. If you haven't taken one yet, take out your camera and get to it. The 2006 Photograph of the Year contest is underway as we speak. Getting recognition for having a great photograph is wonderful, especially if you are a professional photographer, but the prizes up for grabs are even better than recognition! There is at least $14,000 in prizes and cash to be given away to those who win this contest. First, Second and Third prize win huge prize packages worth thousands of dollars. Even the honorable mentions for fourth through tenth place receive packages worth over $800. Wow! I know I am going to look through my pictures and see if there is one that I can enter into the contest.

Pictures are due by January 12, 2007, and voting will commence afterwards with the winners being annouced on January 31st! The rules are fairly simple and straight forward, and the submission process of your photograph is also easy and simple. So get to it. Look through photos that you have taken during 2006 and you might be one of the winners that walks away with part of the $14,000 in prizes and cash that they are giving away. And as you know, places couldn't do these contests without sponsors. Have fun.

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thebassman said...

Thanks for the sponsored post!

thebassman said...

Voting has now started for the contest!