Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Collectible Models

Being a girl, with only sisters and no brothers, we really didn't get much into the whole model trains, cars, ships and others. Although we did get a race track for Christmas one year that we begged and pleaded for....go figure. Now that I have nephews I think that collectible models are kind of a neat gift idea. I suppose that they would be all over the model cars, as fast cars are just plain cool to a 16 year old boy (and my Dad at 5o something)!!!! I personally think that a model ship would be fascinating. There is so much history behind ships, especially if you are doing a model of a famous ship. Like Columbus' ships, or a cool Viking ship, or even some of our famous ships like the HMS Bounty or HMS Endeavor. These have history behind them, and are just so much more fascinating! They also seem more detailed, and that enthralls me (weird I know). These collectible models are actually works of art and become something that you display for years to come. They are not something that you just slap together and call it good. A person puts a lot of thought into these, which I think is wonderful.

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