Saturday, December 23, 2006

PPP Blog

I guess it makes sense that if payperpost pays people to blog that they would then have their own blog, right? Right! They do! How convenient! :)

They talk about all the upcoming contests they have for their paid bloggers....a HUGE congratulations goes out to Colleen who figured out the Rockstartup puzzle and won a $1000!!! Woo---Hoo! Congrats again! I have been doing this for awhile now, but not totally sure of everything going on so I wasn't even aware of the puzzle contest going on. I for sure need to keep track of the PPP blog so I can get in on some of those money making contests.

They give us tons of good information....the fact that we know have to disclose and tips on how to do that...great videos to watch (all the office confessionals, the rockstartup videos, the winner videos, and more)....and just blog entries like we normal people do!

So come on all you blog readers and become blog is so easy! You sit for a few minutes every day, do a little typing (after you sign up at payperpost with me as a referral and then you make money!

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