Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Jess...this is for you! I am meeting a great friend from my college years....we have stayed friends for a decade now! Sarah is my once every 2-3 months girlfriend dinner buddy. We are getting together tomorrow for our own Christmas dinner, and we are going to my favorite restaurant in the whole world!!!!.......Chang's Mongolian Grill in Kent! OMG....to die for. It is a buffet Mongolian place where you pick your own food and they cook it! Yum...I can't wait.

So, back to my friend Sarah. I love Sarah for so many reasons. The biggest one is that she is always encouraging, with never a word on condemnation or condescention (spelling?). When I dream dreams...she dreams right along with me. She encourages me to go for those things that seem way out there. She believes that if I can dream of something then I can make it happen. She is absolutely the best person to have in your corner rooting for you! She is also just fun to hang out with and talk to. I know that I can share things with Sarah, and they will stay with her. She also feeds my Archie comicbook fetish!

When I was going to college, and even afterwards (since I couldn't finish where I started due to finances) I wondered why God called me to attend Northwest College for the brief time I was there. I believe one of the simplest reasons I was there was to establish friendships that would last a lifetime. In addition to Sarah, there is a group of us from college that still remains friends and amazingly enough get together (not as often anymore as we have moved further away from one another). This group isn't just one or two of us, but there is probably close to 20 of us that claim friendship from college. We started together in August 1996, graduated in 2000 and still remain friends in 2006...almost 2007. You may only one or two truly good friends throughout your life, and you had better be grateful for the ones God places in your path. Cultivate those relationships and water them so they grow into Godly mature friendships that will withstand the tests and trials of life.

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