Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year

Can you believe that is almost 2007?!? Where did the time fly to? What happened to 2006? What happened to you this year? Did you have a banner year? Did you have bumps and bruises along the way?

I know I did! This time last year, I was unexpectedly fired from my job, and had no idea what I was going to do or how I was even going to pay bills. Fortunately for me, I am a Christian who firmly believes that God takes care of His children. He knew what my circumstances were and knew where I was headed this time last year. He has taken care of me all year long. I may wonder at times how all my bills are going to get paid, or if I'm even going to receive a paycheck. But I have been blessed...and I give all glory to God for the things I have been given. I have been substitute teaching; however, it isn't a full-time job...but that's ok...I LOVE IT!!! I have found jobs here and there, and the check always comes in time to pay whatever bill is due then. I have also been given the opportunity to still enjoy traveling and vacationing. My best friend's family took me with them this summer on a fantastic cruise, and I am again heading to SE Asia in February on a mission's trip with our Masters Commission. I am spending two weeks right now with my family in California where I also plan on moving to in the summer. Ministerially I am still working the Masters Commission and finishing my last year with them. I am going to miss them and Puyallup Foursquare, but I know God has things for me to do here in Cali. In fact, my sister's pastor was talking to me about the need of some type of program like MC for their young people. Who knows, maybe I'll get the opportunity to help them a bit and get something started for them....I am not the pastor behind these ventures, but the administrator that knows how to set it up and get it done!

Whatever road you have been down this year, whether good or bad...rough or smooth, I pray that you would give all glory to God for all that he has given you, all that he has taken you through and all that he is going to do for you. It is a new year, a new season and God has such great things in store for all of us! Many blessings to all of you my friends, my family and even those I do not know...God loves You!

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