Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Boardroom Tables

Our church, Puyallup Foursquare, has a great office space where you walk in with offices circling around this large open area. Up until about a year ago we had this fantastic glass boardroom table. Many meetings were held around that table; however, for some reason we decided to get rid of it and now we just have an empty space. So even though it isn't my space to fill, I would love to see another boardroom table or a custom made conference table in there.....that space is just crying out for someone to fill it up! Not being a savvy table lady, I was wondering where to find custom made conference and boardroom tables, well I've found the spot!

Are you looking for a table to fit 5 or 25? Wood, laminate, glass or metal? Spots for AV equipment and cords, without distracting from the beauty of the table? Are you looking for beautifully rounded corners or the hard corner look? The options are endless and your choices have just begun! Imagine the possibilities of designing your own custom made conference/boardroom table. Maybe you are a startup company in need of a striking center piece for all your new clients...what a way to impress! First impressions are always the best, and your clients will definitely be impressed by a wonderfully handcrafted boardroom table.

As I am looking through this sites boardroom tables I found an absolutely gorgeous table....wonderfull! It is a 26 foot table that fits 22 people around it...so it is nice and big for meetings, conferences, and the like. But more importantly, it has a Carajas Granite tabletop. Can you get any better than genuine granitetop....that is definitely a showstopper, a work of art and a sign of longlasting workmanship (someone who takes pride in what they make!!) Or how about a 22' x 15' Cherry Boardroom Table with Satinwood (this is a great circular table...great for Arthurian conferences!). The Inlay Infield of Table is Diamond-Matched Cherry...beautifully executed and designed.

I know that not everyone is in the market for custom made boardroom tables; however, they are definitely worth checking out and seeing how beautiful their designs and products are.

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