Thursday, December 14, 2006

Charlie Daniels

OMG, it's Thursday and I totally forgot to tell you all who I met on Sunday night. Sheesh....I'm getting old! Not all of you will be impressed, but I was!

I got to meet Charlie Daniels. Yep, the guy that sings, "Devil went down to Georgia"! He was playing at the Emerald Queen Casino and I was working that night. Our tech guy Jay was very nice and let me go backstage with the extra backstage pass we had! Thanks Jay!!!!

We also chose this random couple to go back with us, and they were awesome! They hadn't been out on a date since their 8 year old was a baby, they had five kids, and it was her first concert....and they got to meet Charlie. They were estactic. It's always fun to see people experience concerts and meeting celebrities that actually appreciate it.

I am just waiting for the Casino to upload pictures from that night, which might take awhile!

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