Tuesday, December 26, 2006


OMG....one of my favorite "shows" that I have ever attend was the PBR (Remember that is Professional Bull Riding.....I know we've talked about this before) Finals held in Las Vegas, NV the last weekend of October and the first weekend in November (it is actually one weekend of final competition and one weekend of national finals). My sister Shannon and I attended the finals in 2001, the year that 18 year-old rookie Luke Snyder walked away with all the money (close to a MILLION!) and all the girls (at least that is what it looked like outside Ceasaers Palace afterwards). It was definitely a shocker to see a rookie beat out the likes of Adriano Moraes, Wiley Peterson, Chris Shivers, Sean Willingham and others!

You want to see some great bull riding action you have got to check out the PBR finals! When we went we bought our tickets fairly late (about two months before the event) so our seats weren't the best...we were up in the top section, which some might consider the nosebleed section. However, we could still see everything and still had a ton of fun. If I had to do it over again, which I am trying to do this year with my friends Barb and Brittany, I would definitely try for better seats. I should be buying PBR Finals Tickets now; however, I am going to have to wait at least a few more months. Hey, if you are interested in coming with us just shoot, "Cowboy Up!" and you can come on down. The cost of tickets are reasonable, then you have to pay for a hotel and food...but it's really not too bad!

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Anonymous said...

hello again rachel!

all the bull riding i have witnessed were on tv but i thought it was very exciting. =D hopefully, I would get to see one live. (well, am hoping anyway. =D)

i hope you had a fun Christmas!

take care!

Rachel Ann said...

This is absolutely my favorite sport! I watch it live when it comes to town, I travel to watch it and of course on TV...it is a thrilling sport. Not to mention the boys are cute! :)