Friday, December 08, 2006

Payperpost is branching out with the launch of their new site which showcases how the CEO (that means the guy with the big bucks...not me!) started this company, how they travel 'round the world and begin the invasion of the next monster internet company we all know and love....payperpost!! This site has great HD content. They are showing everything from the beginning...the bare bones of the company. The confessionals of office employees (yes, some of these overworked employees are slightly disgruntled until they are pacified with new electronic devices known as adult cameras and such)!

You will see meetings that they attend to get their business motivated and to generate income. Some of these meetings will probably be great...some, might want to make you hide under the covers somewhere as you watch the you know what hit the proverbial fan! Isn't fun to watch otehrs though and know that it isn't you! They have two episodes up right now that you can watch in the comfort of your favorite easy chair in front of your favorite computer! Soon a third episode will be up for your viewing pleasure. Don't want to check the website continually for the next installment of rockstartup? They have a convient email sign up tool to let you know when it will be ready...they are here to see that you are pampered and well taken care of (to a point!).

Just who are these people that are involved with making our lives more enjoyable? They are the rockstars themselves.... 13 stars and 2 camermen (who make them look like stars!). You have that famous CEO I mentioned earlier, The Murphman, and you have stars such as The Tamale, Pete-the-Pirate, Brit, Karen and the others! Have fun getting to know these guys and gals. And if you are really into rockstartup (and who isn't) you can download great desktops.

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