Friday, December 08, 2006

Southern Cali Forum

So most of you know that I am planning on moving to Southern Cali next summer (I know that there are legions of my faithful fans that do not want me to leave, but my time has come....yes, maybe I am a drama queen!), so I have been checking out Southern California spots on the world wide web (what a wonderful invention...god bless you!). I found this great southern california chat forum (I happen to be moving to Southern CA....Corona) where they chat about anything and everything. Right now they have a great thread about Hermosa Beach hotels....can you imagine a lovely hotel with a beachfront room? The sights, the sounds, the thought of being next to the lovely warm ocean! Perfection!

They have chats going on about jobs, restaurants, shopping, and simply general chat conversations. This might be worth investigating further as an opportunity to get to know the area better before I move down there. It is always good to know where you are going, what is happening there, who the movers and shakers are and so on and so forth. PLUS...I just love to talk...whether on the computer or to a real live person!!!! Have fun learning more about Southern CA...think warm sun, sand and surf!

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